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Manual ESR Gateway

Manually synchronising employee contractual data between ESR and HealthRoster

Gateway Data Cleansing
ESRGO Automated Gateway

Automate your gateway to drive improvement and unlock productivity savings

ESRGO Automated Interface
Re-Optimise ESRGO

Realise the true potential with ESRGO by having an in-depth review of how the interface is performing with recommendations for improvement.

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Outsourced Gateway Maintenance

Relieve your team to focus on what matters and leave the Gateway to us

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HealthRoster Implementation

Leave the implementation of the system to us to help you progress through the NHSi 5 levels of attainment.

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Helping NHS Organisations meet the recommendations of the
Lord Carter Review.
And meeting the NHSI 5 Levels of Attainment
Cramer e-Rostering Consultancy are the Gateway Specialists
Manual Gateway Experts, ESRGO Automated Experts
We also provide an offsite Gateway maintenance programme
Relieve your employees to focus on the important matters and leave the Gateway to us

Shaping the future.

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    The founder of Cramer e-Rostering Consultancy, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed it to the successful behemoth it is today....

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