Gateway & ESRGO

An excellent Gateway Audit service is necessary for any Trust to maximise the benefits of ensuring staff contractual data is kept up to date.

Our Audit & Assurance services ensure that there is no mistake or wrongdoing in your Trust undetected. Some Trusts have the mistaken idea that audits are only necessary when malicious wrongdoings occur in the data. Thus any Trust that is large enough needs to have outside an audit and assurance done.

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Data Cleansing

Managing The Gateway

Are you a Trust who imports data into HealthRoster, uploads new starters and assignments and leave the rest of the gateway sections?

Do you find it quite time consuming working through all the gateway issues, do not have enough admin resource as other work pressures or business as usual activities take priority?

Administration Time

Do you find trying to work through all the gateway issues takes up so much time or youre not sure how to tackle resolving the mismatched data in the system?

Why Choose Us

Gateway Experts

The gateway is a module within the Rostering System which is used to safely load data from the Human Resources Information System into the rostering module.

At Cramer e-Rostering Consultancy we are experts in the Gateway and can provide assistance with how to use the gateway including the recommended approach to maintain your staff contractual data.

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Data Cleansing Experts

With the gateway mosts Trusts will avoid undertaking data cleansing because they see this as a mammoth challenge with the data they are confronted with.

On average it takes 2 – 3 mins per transactional change and with over an average of 1 – 2000 changes to be completed most Trusts opt to just utilise completing changes manually which results in the HRIS and rostering module becoming out of sync.

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Experts in ESRGO

What is ESRGO?

ESRGO is an automated interface that sits between the main HRIS and the rostering module.

With the automatic operation the information held in the rostering system is automatically synchronised on a daily basis with incoming data from the HRIS.

This is an important feature because the business process for the planning of future rosters often requires relevant staff contractual information well in advance.

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